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Makeup Artist Sydney


Why do I need to hire a makeup artist?

You can hire a makeup artist for different kinds of personal reasons, but the top reason why makeup artists are always sought out is so that the clients won’t have to handle their own appearance amidst their already busy schedules and plans.


Doing one’s makeup means putting effort to look one’s best. Certain looks are more flattering in person than in came, and vice versa. It’s then the work of a makeup artist to fill in that responsibility for their clients.

I’m unsure of what makeup look to go for, can you help me?

With our varying makeup services that’s open for bridal and commercial uses, Melissa can openly discuss with you what type of look to go for before or on the day of the makeup application. If you’re still unsure, you can give a small generalisation of what it’s for and let Melissa plan it over with her expertise.

How far in advance do I have to book your services when we are having commercials or special events?

Mellisa’s makeup services, including those for birthday and commercial makeup, require advance bookings of between six to twelve months in advance. This is all to prepare and plan ahead for what is needed for the day of makeup application.

What is the booking process?

Once the date of service, time frame, staff working, and prices are confirmed, Melissa will prepare a signed contract that both the client will have to agree the terms to. For other services that are more grander in scale, an up-front deposit might be required.

Makeup Artist Sydney