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Estimated 1-1.5 hour services to create your custom flawless look. All services are performed with professional expertise, and built taking into account you skin tone, facial features and outfit designed to compliment you on your event.


Your Wedding Date is one of the most memorable moments of a lifetime. That’s why selecting an expert Makeup Artist to design your flawless Bridal look, is so significant.

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formal makeup sydney


Offering In-studio and Mobile Services through our Hair team.


Professional lessons are for those with a wide range of knowledge in Makeup wanting to build new skill levels, learn new tips and grow your expertise.

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formal makeup sydney
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formal makeup sydney


Providing services for Television, Shoots, Commercial and all other Advertisements.

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What are the types of services you offer?

Here at Melissa Alisse, we offer a plethora of services for various types of events. We accept bookings that range from classic events to weddings. At Melissa Alisse, one of our goals is to be flexible and efficient with every project.


We also offer hourly rates that are usually focused on television, shoots, commercials, and other advertisements. Our hourly rates are as follows: two hours will cost $200, 12 hours will cost $400, and a whole day will cost $700.

Do you offer makeup classes?

Yes, we do. Melissa Alisse is very committed and has an extreme to the beauty industry and wants it to grow with you by sharing her level of talent and skills. Each lesson runs for about 1-2 hours depending on your booking. One on one lessons cost $250, group lessons cost $200 per person with a minimum number of 3, and $450 for a professional artist lesson. Professional lessons are made especially for those with a wide range of knowledge in makeup who want to grow their expertise and build a new skill level.

How much are your bridal makeup services?

Bridal services can cost as low as $50 depending on the service/s you require. The highest you can pay per person is $200 which will depend on how much work they require.

Do your services include hairstyling?

Professional hairstylists are available for mobile and in-studio services. However, they are not inclusive with the makeup. For example, bridal makeup costs $200 and bridal hair will cost another $200.

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