Formal Makeup Artist Sydney

Estimated 1-1.5 hour services to create your custom flawless look.

All services are performed with professional expertise and built, taking into account your skin tone, facial features and outfit designed to compliment you on your event. Book now via our ‘Booking’ option or contact us....

Being in your best look is essential as it shows how we take good care of ourselves. Sometimes all we need is a little dash of blush on here and a touch of lipstick to look better. Being in our best look is more than being beautiful or attractive. It is essential because it boosts our self-confidence.

If we want to be gorgeous daily, how much more if we are to attend formal or special occasions too? But, of course, if you go to special events, you want to look great too!

What if it’s your special day, like your wedding day? It is a must that a professional and an expert take care of your makeup and hair dress. As such, events will last in the guests’ memories and more in your and your partner’s memories.

Melissa Alise, formal makeup Sydney knows your needs and what’s best for your skin.

Yes, makeup makes you look more beautiful, yet we want to ensure that your skin also feels good. Your skin will feel great when you use makeup in the right way.

Our professional experts at Melissa Alise check your skin type before applying any makeup.

Here are the Different Skin Types

  • Normal skin
  • Dry skin
  • Combination of normal and dry skin
  • Oily skin
  • Sensitive skin

What are the benefits of wearing makeup aside from making you beautiful?

Benefits of Wearing Makeup

  • Makeup can help protect your skin
  • Makeup beauty cosmetics can boost your self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Putting makeup on can be therapeutic
  • Makeup can improve your pictures
  • Makeup can help you cleanse your skin
  • Makeup can help you sustain your growth

Melisa Alise, a formal makeup artist, can give you the best services at a reasonable price, such as:

  • Bridal makeup services
  • Makeup services
  • Hair services
  • Make lessons

We have professional makeup experts. Staff are friendly, willing to listen and give advice that can help make you feel and look more beautiful on your special day!

If you are in Sydney, Australia, and want to find a makeup artist online. You can search for a “formal makeup artist near me” as Melissa Alise is one of the makeup experts in this area, or you can contact us at 0450 199 557. Book now!

Are you on google searching “Makeup Artist Near Me”? – Your Search Stops Here

Have you been on google, researching the best makeup artist near me? If you need experienced and versatile makeup services to create a stunning look for your wedding or a polished formal style for a social event? We’ve got the makeup artist Sydney to suit you and can come to you!

Makeup Services Near Me – Get a Look You’ll Love

Take your style to the next level with makeup services near me from Melissa Alise! From traditional beauty to fresh new trends, we will give you a perfect look for your special day. At Melissa Alise Makeup, we provide an extensive selection of makeup services that arrive at your doorstep, so we always answer the need for a “makeup artist near me”.

Our makeup artists specialise in creating custom looks for all complexions and skin tones. Our team only uses the best quality products, cosmetics, skincare, or hair care items, so you can rest assured you’re getting top-quality looks. In addition, our experienced artists and stylists use their expertise to deliver tailored looks for your needs. Finally, our pricing model ensures you can access our quality beauty services and makeup near me without breaking the bank.

Your search for the best makeup artist near me ends here! Schedule an appointment now.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makeup brand do you use for your customer?
Melissa only uses high end from many different makeup brands. Yet, we assure you that we only use high-quality and high-performing products to ensure that your makeup will be flawless, even on camera.

Will my makeup last all day?
A formal makeup artist expert will ensure that your makeup application lasts the entire event.

Can I make a deposit?
Yes, as your deposit will be your retainer, the deposit is non-refundable, yet you can reschedule your booking within 12 months.

Why are false eyelashes necessary?
We usually put eyelashes on to complete a full makeup look. It adds extra sparkle and glam to any look, whether dramatic or natural. You may opt out of having false eyelashes if you don’t like them.


Melissa – Head Artist

Makeup Application$150
Glamour Makeup Application$180
School Formal Makeup (Monday-Friday)$130

Senior Artist

Makeup Application$130
Glamour Makeup Application$160
School Formal Makeup (Monday-Friday)$120


Additional Assistant Fee $150/assistant

Early Start Fee (Before 6am) $50

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Makeup Artist Sydney
Makeup Artist Sydney